Sunday, 28 June 2015

Warm showers and sun, sidecarring along

Spent some time on Saturday checking the bikes out, more maintenance and of course getting organised for the great escape to the Outer Hebrides next Saturday (if the good people at Cali Macbrayne don't strike again) A run down to the tea shop in Gullane this morning on the wee B Emm's, really enjoyed it, no rain and for some reason a high percentage of courteous drivers moving over to allow us to make good progress and enjoy the bends, most excellent. Gullane is gearing up for the Open which I believe is a competition where guys wearing one glove (although not Michael Jackson impersonators) hit a small white ball with a stick, the object I believe is to hit it the least number of times with the stick, what will they think of next! This spectacle is beamed worldwide to devotees of the game of golf, just think all over the world people who like hitting balls with sticks will get to see the magnificent Scottish scenery if they look beyond the overpaid Prima Donna's walking about the course with questionable attire and hats.
A shower of rain rolled over but we didn't get wet, time for a walk along the beach avoiding the dog shit and then along to swap our bikes for our outfit at Fi's parents. An uneventful run back until Fiona ordered me into the sidecar so she could see what it was like to ride the thing with a mega ton quivering wreck alongside. To be honest after the initial shock I settled down and it was fine, Fiona proving once again she's better than I am at being pilot, no bins were harmed at all! Hopefully manage some updates as we wobble around Scotlands Islands soon, stay tuned!
Rain and we avoided it, woo hoo
Nature, a bee goes about its propagation duties
Glorious once the sun came out
Rain disappearing to the East
Fi sets off apace
Oh no what have I done
Actually not to bad
View from the bobsleigh
Home safe and happy
What I thought i'd be like!

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