Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Bimbling along

I’m afraid there’s been little in the way of adventures the last couple of weeks hence the silence on the blog however things have been happening. We have had visitors, Dan and Sara joined us again for their last weekend in Scotland before heading to Europe to continue on their worldwide ride and we had a visit from our German friends Tomas and Andrea who are in Scotland for their motorcycle adventure also.
First thing is they both had terrible weather, cold and wet, not great for motorcycle touring, where the hell is global warming when you need it? All those scientists rambling on about environmental change, mostly bollocks, state sponsored nonsense to further en-richen the rich and make the poor pay. If the Ice cap is disappearing then I for one am pretty sure I know where it’s gone, right here in my back yard!
Secondly the Canadians and the Germans commented (more than once) on how expensive it is here, not just for one item but for everything, the Canadian dollar is around 2:1 and yet the prices here are the same in pounds a they are in Dollars. I feel this myself, I am a proud Scot (ok and a bit Italian) but have noticed we all live here in a big hype, stunning countryside, great roads to ride but a huge rip off mostly. Our roads have also over the last 5-10 years become busier with the modern curse of motorhome and caravans (mostly an increase in gargantuan motorhomes driven by the same numpties who can barely drive a car) I also have to point out small camper vans are exempt from this rant being no bigger than most large cars really. Large amounts of huge European registered motorhomes packed to the roof with supermarket goods bought in their home countries stalk and congest our roads stealing our views and history and contributing hee haw to our economy. Of course I am being selfish, I want the roads to myself and five star accommodation, great beer and food at Eastern European prices, it’s not going to happen. There are a handful of places that offer great value for money (you know who you are)  that’s all I ask for is value for money, how many UK tourist establishments can genuinely offer that?

Motorcycling activity has in the main been limited to repairs I'm afraid, (probably why I'm grumpy)  fixing the damage to Fi’s Norton after the great P&O disaster, new head bearings in her BMW, a right PITA, actually I videoed the job so if I can string along enough instructional video without expletives I may upload it to youtube. Hey ho, roll on the summer man!!     

Taking the tourists to Bass rock
The girls playing
Concorde cabin, cool, more dials than a Norton Commando that's for sure
In the sheeps heid
Fellow Germans staying in the same hotel as Tomas touring on these
Tomas reckoned 30mph top whack
Fair play
OK so one day it was sunny and warm.....two great examples of good engineering (no jokes, the lampost isn't one of them!!


  1. YOU MUST write a book my friend. Highly entertaining!!!!

  2. Whole heartly agree with your comments on being expensive, Petrol at fort William £1.16 per ltr, Arisaig 35 miles down the road £1.30 per ltr, how can that be justifiable?