Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Temples and a princess

We started off today with a visit to the impressive temple which sits above Tha Ton , thankfully we rode the bikes up as the road was steep, photo of a cool Budda on the way up , the temple looks squint in the photo, that because it is, don't know why but no way could i get it to look level, stunning views all day and when we rolled into Mae Salong we found out the Princess of Thailand was passing through at 3pm, one of the royal family makes the visit here every year to visit the Temple that sits above the town, we tried to get a picture but her car was empty apart from the driver so she must have switched into one of the multitude of support vehicles for security. After the roads opened again we had a run up to see the place where she had been visiting, gangs of men were already dismantling the stage and paraphernalia that accompany a Royal visit, very efficiently as well. A short trip to the Chinese memorial museum and thats been it, looking forward to a beer now, temple visiting can be hard work
Views like this all day
A happy Budda

At first I thought it was me but the Temple sits at a jaunty angle

In the distance we can see Burma, or Maynamar as its now known

Scenery just like home

Wot, nae princess, cheated!

The princess had just visited here on her annual visit

Stunning views

There is an intricate overlay of mirrors which makes it sparkle

Chinese memorial, Scottish people


  1. Wow;Fanta-stick stuff,hope yir mindin' tae enjoy yirsels...shair yir tryin'...no ofin envious but yiv gote me this time.


    1. Aye Geordie, ye'd like it here, cheap petrol, food and digs, braw roads and jist like hame naebody understands us
      Gino & Fiona