Thursday, 20 November 2014

Back to base

So a final night in Chiang Rai last night and a run back to Chiang Mai to hand our bikes back to Tonys Big Bikes. We stopped at a Hot spring for a cuppa and for a photo of the spring and the Wat. A bit stressful today, both preoccupied with getting the bikes back in one piece and other peoples driving seemed worse than normal. I would recommend this trip to anyone, just don't take a minibus tour, these guys must have to pass an advanced stupidity test to qualify for their licence. Final night here before our flight tomorrow night, sad to be leaving an interesting and warm culture, and of course a warm climate. Pics include our restaurant in the hotel last night, the waitress who kept our beer glasses topped to the brim all night, never seen service like it, the Hot Spring and of course another Wat. Hopefully put a short video together to share when we get back so stay tuned!
Outside our eating booth

Our happy and efficient waitress

Hot Springs

This Temple ws closed due to structural isuues, possibly earthquake damage


  1. Thank you for the wee 'news' and pics, we have enjoyed them. Safe journey. It's no cold & we don't have 150cm snow as in Buffalo, but it's no as warm as you are accustomed to.

    Mug of tea wi pie and beans when you get home? ;¬)

    Our regards, Myreside pitstop

  2. Aye Bill & Kat
    It's been a blast, some nervous riding moments but great, looking forward to pie and beans 😃
    Gino& Fiona