Saturday, 15 November 2014

A quiet one

A day relaxing today so not much to report, we are staying in a "resort" we woke up this morning to a hotel full of cars, no idea whats going on, last night we were the only two in the restuarant, service was amazing with the guys topping up the beer glass as soon as it got half way down, tonight was the same. This place would seat 300 and there is two of us eating here, confused, today there was some sort of conference about tourism but now no idea where everybody is. Went for a walk and took some pics of flowers for you to enjoy, into town on the bike to get 2 Snickers, 4 pakets of M&M's 2 bags of crisps and a litre of Johnny Red, funny we arrived at 4 pm and we couldn't get our whisky till 5 so had to hang around like a couple of Alki's waiting until they'd sell /us it, even funnier the staff thought it was hillarious the the guy serving me almost lost his gonads reaching for the bottle and was doubled up on the floor, gave him a tip for the entertainment.


  1. Hi Gino and Fiona, your question about where everybody was in the huge empty conference hall - the answer is obvious - they knew you two were coming and there would be no more booze left! Sounds like a great trip again, thanks for the effort you put into sharing another epic ride with the rest of the world. All the best from a cold but sunny Brooklyn, see you soon I hope. Eric

    1. Aye Eric, ye ken us too well, been great, really enjoyed it despite the dodgy driving. The smokey toon will be going bankrupt, you'll soon have tae get a US passport
      Gino & Fiona