Thursday, 13 November 2014

Mountain passes, getting lost and Bangkock bike club

After a shitty night in the most expensive hotel so far, 38 quid but chinese arseholes waking us up/in the early morning we headed off along somme stunning mountain passes, at times we thought we were lost, very rural, people eeking out subsistence living from the land but seemigly happy. we saw a cool waterfall and had some stress finding a place to stay in Chiang Khiang but we found somehwere after a long day in the saddle.
Stunning views today but being largely in rural Thailand we struggled to make ourselves understood but i suppose no more than a Dundonian in Perth.
Tonight we had a meal/in a place just down from our hotel, a liveley place with live music. Then a Bangkok bike club appeared, took the place over so we went over and introduced ourselves, nice people, I drank a Johhnie walker on the rocks with King Kong, the biggest guy in the group, lucky he was still smaller than me, nice people on a chaity run but a bit like the movie fast and furious, we made our excuses and left.

View over the Meekong into Laos

High up, great views

Rural break stop

Nice waterfall and the only place we got charged to park

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