Saturday, 31 December 2011

Mr Fat man

A silver VW Passat estate driven by a fat guy was the only bad thing that happened on a 110 mile trip down and round the borders today, just a pity I didn't write down his number. We had a great run, disappointed our original tea stop in Gifford was closed but then a nice run over the Lammermuir hills with a stop at Duns for a late breakfast. The cafe at Earlston was shut as well so I'm assuming everybody has made enough money this year and don't need to open, or maybe New Years eve or Hogmany as its called here is now a holiday as well?
Heading up past the Stair Arms on the A68 we were both passed by the fat guy with his obviously stupid wife on a bend over a solid white line, he made the oncoming traffic move over as well, must have either been pissed, in a hurry or is just oblivious to the consequences of careless, dangerous and stupid driving? If you see the car give it a wide berth, If I see the car parked I'd really like to explain to fat man what the consequences of his driving could have been. Having lost two good friends in accidents caused by stupid car drivers this year it really annoyed me.
Apart from that its been a great day out (although it took an hour to get all the crap off the bikes when we got home) The last run of 2011 and looking forward to many more in 2012, a great New Year to all who read this and I hope all your wishes come true and your problems disappear in the coming year (except Mr Fat and Mrs Stupid that is!!)
Have a good one

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  1. Aye Gino and Fi',

    Thank you for the craic, we wish you both a healthy 2012. Hopefully the 'Blobbies' will keep avoiding us and our ilk.

    All the best, Bill and Kat.