Saturday, 17 December 2011

Cold now

This week we were plagued with high winds which has made it feel cold, still not too much snow though so today we managed a run out. First to Queensferry for breakfast and then a wobble along the back roads to drop in on Ian and Ali in Livingston. The temperature dropped like a stone as we headed inland and by the time we got to the estate where Ian and Ali live the side roads were white with frozen snow. Not wanting to be heroes we left the bikes at the end of the road and walked the 100 yards, cheaper in the long run!!
The bikes were covered in Salt when we got back (see the photo of the Guzzi) and took a bit of cleaning. Sometimes you wonder if its worth going out at this time of year, and hour on the road means an hour spent washing the salt off but it is because what else would you be doing? Joining the hordes of mental people shopping? Nope, best to get out there and keep a grin on your face

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