Friday, 9 December 2011

Busy Week

Last weekend came and went and here we are just 2 weeks before Christmas already. Busy week this week, I spent the first couple of days down South at one point near Dover, much nicer weather I have to say. Yesterday we had the big storm and Scotland came to a standstill (apart from stuff blowing over!) Its the first time in my life I remember schools being closed because of the wind! What nonsense, we really are a bunch of namby pamby wimps these days. Half the Office at Fi's work went home because it was windy! Ridiculous, I'd sack the idiots who allowed it!!
Anyway today Alex and myself were up at Sandy's workshop playing with Alex's range of amazing tools, upshot is Sandy's 750 Commando will have to have the lid off to see whats amiss inside, nothing serious we think, time will tell.

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