Saturday, 9 July 2011


Yesterday (Friday) was horrendous with thunder and lightning and heavy rain most of the day. Roads were flooded in the area and the weekend didn't look like it was going to be much better. Luckily the skies cleared for a while and we headed down to East Fortune to see the road races, years since I've been at a race meeting and I have to say I had a great day out. East Fortune is a friendly kind of place where there are no Prima Donnas and everybody is just out to go as fast as they can and enjoy themselves. Good to see some old pals from my old racing days still out there doing it! Peter Burgess (Pictured) was having lunch before going out in the sidecar race, they came an excellent 3rd (with Peter in the chair) that despite the obvious wind drag from his moustache! The rain got us on the way back though but 30 miles in the rain is a little price to pay for such a pleasant day out!

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