Sunday, 31 July 2011

Busy weekend

Still trying to get bikes ready for the Norton Applecross do! The original plan has changed a few times and yesterday it changed again, I was trying to get the JPN ready but gave up because the omens were telling me through a series of small problems not to be so stupid!
Too good a day to spend all day in the garage so I managed a few miles in the sun!
Today we took a brace of Nortons out, the Mk3 has recently been rebuilt and has taken to smoking at traffic lights, I've already had the head off twice and found the valve stem oil seal off, I suspect this is again the culprit. I'm leaving it just now though as I can't face taking the head off again just now. I wonder if its a ploy by the manufacturers of these parts to boost the sale of head gaskets!
Also my Boyer Power box has obviously been damaged by the alternator frying itself so I changed it for Al osbornes Chinese special, half the price and it works!!
Who'd have a Commando (or a fleet of them) its a bloody full time job!!
The big bonus of the weekend though was that I attended a charity fuction last night (not really looking forward to it) but then I found the whisky was only £1.35 for a 35ml nip, excellent and certainly helped the night along, the more you drink, the more you save!!

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