Saturday, 16 July 2011

Late night Rant!

Is it just me? This rant isn’t all motorcycle related but certainly big brother related, I was reading the local paper from my home town tonight on line. The Perthshire Advertiser, a local rag which is well, local..... First story to get my heckles up was the demolition of the City Hall, a hall which is unpretentious, has bad acoustics (according to my musician friends) and is high maintenance (according to local politicians) I see St Johns Kirk, a old protestant carbuncle which prides itself on being an “important building” supports its demolition, of course they do, that way the magnificent church will be more visible by the locals and of course Perth’s growing “down and outs” who will no doubt peddle their wares in the vicinity! The Cooncil (council in proper parlance) have for years sought to promote Perth’s place in society as a up and coming centre of excellence for the arts so of course we had to spend a fortune on the new concert hall while the City hall fell into ruin, a bit like abandoning a perfectly good car because you wanted to be better than the neighbours and have the latest BMW or Mercedes on the drive. The City hall has memories for all of Perth’s people of a certain age, my best memory is watching Hawkwind playing “Silver Machine” there when it was a current chart song when I was a schoolboy. In this age of austerity when will our politicians realise the public (The taxpayer) just wants to get on with life and enjoy some nostalgic moments. This isn’t all about sipping a Latte on a new patio where the former centre of the towns collective memory existed.
My next rant is about a story where a good friend of mine was knocked of his bike and injured by a “retired minister with an unblemished 40 year driving record” The story barely mentioned our Jim, injured, traumatised and financially dented by this careless stupid and inconsiderate person, The report was all about the minister, how the Judge wanted a “driving instructor” to verify he was OK to drive, why didn’t he have to resit his test? Because my friends he is part of the crooked establishment, just like the scumbag journalists, the bent cops , the lower than a sewer rat politicians and anybody else who “controls” society!
Time for change is coming, when the taxpayer regains some rights and regains control, remember and ask your local MP , MSP, or Councillor what they are doing to improve things before you bless them with your precious vote!

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  1. Sounds like someones ready for a therapeutic ride...don't know if it'll make you feel any better, but the same absurdity goes on over here. The city fathers of the time let one of the most beautiful old Theater buildings in the area be torn down for a new "super market". It was known as "The Alhambra", it was done up in a Moorish style. Fortunately since then, more is done these days to preserve the character of the town. Yet, lately there has been a trend to "Dense-Pack" some parts of town, with some really ugly multi-unit stuff. Serves them right when they have a hard time selling or leasing it. Hope your friend is on the mend. We've had too many cases of bad driving by politicians here as well.