Sunday, 15 May 2011

Why does nothing fit!

So a day in the garage, working on the mk3 commando. First thing that didn't fit was the washer's for the through bolts for the barrels. 45 minutes to get them ground down. Then the chain tensioner plungers were 0.2 mm too big so a call to norton tomorrow. Then finally the replacement camshaft had badly formed threads so needed another 45 minutes of work to allow the sprocket and nut to fit. Complete shite really because the parts are no longer cheap. Oh well on the bright side I may have wasted most of the day trying to fit crap parts but at least I managed a run out on my roadster pictured above. Satisfying despite the hassle.


  1. That's a bit distressing to hear that quality on Norton parts is going down. Been thinking of getting my Commando back on the road. My engine's good but the trans might need some parts. Have you run into problems with transmission parts?

  2. Larry, Stick to genuine parts and you should be OK, Andover confirmed my camshaft issue and are getting theirs rectified. I think I've just been unlucky to have been building engines when there's a spate of parts issues. Andover or Mick Hemmings only sell genuine parts and you can ask for advice, Mick is full time building engines and gearbox's so will know the state of play.
    Get that Commando back out there!!!