Sunday, 22 May 2011

More Garage time

So another Sunday in the Garage trying to get the Mk3 Commando back together, the timing side is built and now waiting for a points seal (why didn't I order one!!)I spent about an hour and a half grinding/sanding the primary chain tensioner plungers as they are out of stock so decided to make the new non fitting ones fit.
I thought I'd pop the valves before putting the head on to check the inlet seals after a spate of issues with other's bikes, guess what, the inlet valve seal HAD come off so just as well I did, so another call tomorrow to order some more!
Luckily It very windy with heavy showers today so I don't feel to aggrieved at missing out on wasting petrol!
A tad fed up with the shite that gets sold these days though, when things like inlet valve seals start coming off its a major job to replace them, I have NEVER heard of or had this in my 30 years of Norton ownership so why has it just started happening now?
The Breva is now fixed and had its first test run yesterday and seems to be fine, the list of jobs to do is getting shorter so I suppose I better start looking to fix some of the "annoying but liveable" issues I have with some of the bikes, either that or just not bother and leave it to the back end of the year............

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