Friday, 27 May 2011

I know its boring but.....

Well what a week its been for weather! Gales on Monday shut loads of roads in Scotland due to trees been blown down, I reckon its because Bob & Kate returned from two weeks motorcycling in the sun on the Continent on Sunday so I'll blame them.
The plot thickens with regards to inlet valve seals, the picture shows (although not very clearly) the "Genuine" on the right and "dubious" on the left, there is a distinct difference especially when you see them in the flesh (or rubber!!) So my reccomendation is stick with genuine parts once again, it'll save you grieff in the long run.
Norrie Miltons sidecar Rally this weekend in the Borders so looking forward to that, hopefully the wind will die down enough to let the tent stay up!!

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  1. Good plan to stick to good parts.Don't need any more shite in my life! Interestingly Mick Hemmings re-built the motor in my Commando when the original owner was an American Air Force Sgt. stationed in the UK. The second owner had the valves re-done. Other than that it's been together since Mick built it. It has a performance cam and some head work done to it. It had hugh Amals on it when my friend bought it from the Sgt.He put a Mukuni single kit on it. I quit riding it when the first to second gear shift started acting up, causing a few unplanned second gear wheelies. That and one of the exhaust port threads started to go. After I finish a few Triumph projects I'll probably get back to it. I miss the sound of that thing...peashooters.