Saturday, 14 May 2011

This week

This week has been mainly garage based (when not working) servicing the Guzzi, and working my way through the wiring making sure all is clean and well. The RHS inlet valve had a gap that a small car could have driven through (which is where the ticking noise was obviously coming from) but the main issue was the last rocker cover screw sheared as I was taking it out, every other one came out no bother except the last one, sods law, now its a drill and fiddle about job to repair it. Luckily its easily accessible otherwise it would have been a head off job.
Out on MVD today for a run after putting in new clutch plates, I have to say there is a marked improvement but we'll se how it holds up over the next few weeks.
Cyclists out in their hordes today annoying everyone, funny I even heard other members of the public complaining about them and their attitude, the highway code obviously doesn't apply to them! Time the police started harassing them instead of motorcyclists.

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