Monday, 1 March 2010

The Thistle Rally

The last weekend in February is the traditonal date for the Thistle rally, held in the Scottish Borders. The severe weather in many places kept the attendance down, I estimate only 100 bikes turned up and a worrying amount of cars also. I know its difficult for organisers but this is a bike rally for gods sake. People turning up in cars belittles the efforts of the motorcyclists who make the effort. Impressive efforts as well with Denmark and Holland represented, the longest distance travelled was 700 miles, which considering the weather in the UK and Europe is very impressive (or mental!)
The run down for us was cold, very cold with my hands stinging after only a short distance, the snow at the side of the road as we turned off the Edinburgh Bypass and down the 702 was worryingly high and the deep slush in the middle of the road indicated only recent road clearing. As we approached Biggar the snow dissapeared in the main apart from sme sleet blowing through and when we arrived at the campsite the snow was mainly gone thankfully. Once the tents were up we did the usual, stand around in a cold muddy field until the temperature drop with dusk forced us inside to partake of beer , whisky and food! Interesting display of garments worn by some of the ladies (and the 6 foot tall bloke with the mini skirt!)
A good night was had by all and luckily I slept through the 8am blizzard, when i did get up around 10 the snow thankfully had dissapeared again. A cold run home again and so glad for a heat up back at the house. This is Monday and I'm glad to say my hangover has subsided!

Standing around in a muddy cold field!

Bob and Kate doing the tent ritual

Bikes at Biggar, looks cold even now!

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