Friday, 12 March 2010

It Passed

Well after a nervous wait listening to the "old rugged cross" and "All things bright and Beautiful" being hummed and the chorus being sung by my fellow diners I went back to the Bike shop to be told they had just finished and the Fastback had passed Woo Hoo, one less hassle! The run back confirmed the low gearing, at 70mph it's screaming (the rev counter isn't working but I can tell!) its head off, I like a Commando to lope along at 4000 revs at 70 (or less) there's a sweet spot at around 4200 revs, above that I have a mental vision of those pistons and that huge Iron Crank complaining. I will change the Gearbox sprocket probably just to a 20 or 21, that'll ease it off a bit but still give it the oomph for the back roads. All in all quite pleased with it, next job primary cover off, sort out the gearing and the clutch, sort out the carb settings and then enjoy it until something breaks. Norton meeting at Killin Hotel on Sunday but I think MVD will be pulled out for that, matter of fact I'm just away to try to start it and check it over. Norton ownership means no time off for good behaviour!

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