Friday, 12 March 2010

Mot time nerves.

Well the latest aquisition has had a week of maintenance and yesterday after getting the Guzzi Breva mot'd I got this 71 fastback I picked up last Friday started. Its the first time in two years its been strted. So today I thought I'd chance a visit to the MOT station. The 12 miles to the testing station have been interesting, the crank has allegedly been balanced and I suspect as a result the isolastics have been shimmed quite tight so it has the interesting effect of the vibration inducing treble vision between 30 and 60 mph. It obviously has the 19 tooth gearbox sprocket fitted which is quite frantic and the clutch is dragging when hot. At the end of the day minor hassles and easily fixed. Quite pleased with it despite the drum brakes! I'm now nervously waiting in a cafe for the mot result. This cafe is nice with a good cheap menu and obviously run by the church. Hymns on the music system and the two other customers humming along with the tunes. Maybe its a message from god. . . .

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