Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sunshine for Norton meeting

Well that was a good weekend, sunshine and actual heat getting through the bike gear. The Norton meeting at the Killin Hotel was very pleasant and thanks to all that turned up, no less than five Commando's (myself, Phil , John H, Hector and Peter) George on his Rotary and Sandy on his 500 Machless made up the classic contingent with the rest of the merry band taking attendance up to 14. As we all assembled a Rescue Helecopter landed so that the crew could have their Lunch, their break was cut short though as they got a call to go airlift a climber off Ben Nevis. All exciting stuff, a nice day out and a good blether was the order of the day, the roads still very dirty with salt and sand but it felt great to be back out there on the Commando after this exceptionally long winter!

MVD at rest for Saturday evening!

Something funny about Sandy's Matchless perhaps?

Just in case you forgot the weekend started with my Fastback passing its annual inspection!

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