Saturday, 13 January 2018

Happy New Year and first run on the Guzzi for 2018

Happy new year to all, apologies for the lack of blogging but our house move has been taking all our energy the last few weeks, its done though, now officially residing in Perth (Scotland, not the pretend one down under)
To get a break from house moving and garage moving duties and taking advantage of the thaw we popped out for a short 50 mile run on the Guzzi today. It was cold but above freezing, the roads we took were covered with mud (although the Guzzi managed to avoid it pretty well)  but it was brilliant to be out on 2 wheels again, and on some of Perthshire's small roads. A bacon roll stop at Abernyte and a short blast on the Dual carriageway to Dundee for fuel before returning to the Fair City via Errol. A great day oot and even managed to use the Guzzi as a Goose scarer!
Work continues on the wee BM's in an effort to resurrect them for February so we can make sure they are OK before we hop over to the Pyrenees in search of adventure at the end of March, all good.
The Carse of Gowrie
Small roads
Geese scared by Goose
Sorry guys, passin through
Heated jacket time
And adjust mirror time


  1. Aye Fiona and Gino, thank you for the 'Busby' moment and my apologies for sounding bemused, I was, but not now! ;) Pleased the move has worked out and even better to see the scarecrow out and about on one of my favourite short canters. Go canny on the slurry! You ken where the tea/spanners are if required. Our regards, Myreside

  2. Aye Bill and Kat, never noticed the bemused sound? It was great to get oot on Saturday especially in light of the weather this week! Catch up soon
    Gino & Fiona

  3. Aye Fiona and Gino, lying low at present trying to avoid the flu and keep the drive clear of ice! Could be interesting as I watch the snow falling from the sky at a rate of knots. Go canny. Myreside