Sunday, 28 January 2018

Sidecar weekend

The weather has improved a bit, well its above freezing and the snow has gone for now so thats a bonus. A great time of year to get out on the sidecar (Kind off glad we didn't sell it now) Saturday a loop around the back roads ending up in Milnathort after finding the milk bar at Powmill was shut but all the better for it as the cafe in Milnathort is first class (Heaven Scent) well worth a stop! I piloted on the outgoing trip and Fiona on the return leg on the old main road passing through Glenfarg, she was obviously enjoying it as she got faster and faster!
Today (Sunday) a run out towards Crieff and then through the Sma Glen with a stop at the Wade bridge for breakfast. I couldn't find my petrol stove last night so just had a butane gas one to fry up the bacon, big mistake, I have spent a lifetime watching people on campsites failing to cook on these butane stoves, when its windy here and it often is and with single digit temperatures they don't generate enough heat so even though I know this I still had an optimistic streak. The bacon got slightly warmed to start with but not cooked, then an attempt to rearrange the bacon saw it fall onto the ground, now it was back bacon with some earth, road salt and no doubt dogs piss mixed in, a attempt to build a shelter for the stove worked and we were soon slowly cooking with gas, of course the earthy bacon was mine, Fi got the fresh bits although she reckoned the pan had still got some dirt in it, were no deid yet so it must have been ok. I have to admit to being a bit dis organised with the al- fresco cooking today, as always the first few attempts of the year show up a certain rustiness in preparation, must try harder! A final lap with a pit stop to see John and Lesley and we waited just long enough for the rain to come on so Fiona could hone her wet weather riding skills on the way home, braw!
Being piloted home, the view from the tub!
Waterproof stop this morning
Nice scenery and a great road
This is what Sundays were made for
Breakfast stop
Bacon cooking before I mixed in the earth
Fi eating her less contaminated roll
Wade bridge, built in 1730 by General Wades men to help the pesky redcoats get around easier so they could subdue the glorious Jacobites, I find it incredible to think that only 300 years ago this was a main route to the highlands


  1. Aye, glad to see you out and about this morning, you looked surprised! ;) Was off for a constitutional around the island and Rodney Centre to get the leg working! Pleased to see that the botulism hasn't got you, yet, after the catering passo falso! I've eaten bacon and egg cooked on the coal shovel many a time, washed down with a bottle of Genius for breakfast and never been ill. However, that could be down to the steam cylinder oil or Brasso on the hands! ;) Good health from us both, Myreside.