Saturday, 23 December 2017

Sidecar fun

With all the house moving going on there hasn't been enough time for motorcycling fun so we decided today to go out on the sidecar, no painting or moving stuff, just us and our bike. The plan was to do a loop around the Meldins (the scene of last years New year camping trip) bu a road accident had closed the road towards Peebles, the policemen just pointed us up a single track road, no other clues, they were as helpful as a fart in a spacesuit! When the road turned to gravel and mud I had doubts this was the way we should be going but we took the opportunity to do some off roading anyway. Loads of other cars were heading up the road we had found out was a dead end so I had to stop every one and give them directions, my good deed for the day. A really great day out with lunch at the red barn and apart from the mentalists on the Edinburgh bypass most of the other roads were quiet. Kinda glad we still have the outfit for now.
I hope you all have a great Christmas and a fantastic 2018, we are looking forward to our move to Perth in time for 2018 so next year some different bike rides I think. Many thanks to all who take the time to comment, I enjoy the abuse, take care out there.

Looking clean outside Alex's house
We're on a road to nowhere (feel free to sing along like Chris Rea)  
Mud, braw!
Not too shabby a day for motorcycling
At the red barn with a very mucky outfit
It's ok a quick jetwash and its clean again

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