Monday, 30 May 2016

Sidecar Rally

Circumstances meant our usual trip to Southern Ireland to see Martin and the crew didn't happen, a most excellent substitute though was Norrie's Sidecar rally at Moniaive, Dumfrieshire. Its a part of the country neglected by tourists in general and its their loss, most tourists are speeding up the M74 or A1 to the Highlands not realising the jewel that is the South of Scotland. The great thing is the roads are very quiet which for us is perfect, not the campervan and caravan hell that the A9 has become. We rode down Saturday in excellent weather, the field was already full of the usual (and some unusual) suspects. One good thing about sidecars and their owners is that in general they are a bit different (in an interesting way) Bert, Laurenne and Ian appeared and the evening sped by in a flurry of beer and large whisky's. Sunday appeared alongside a hangover but it was a scorching day so we sat about outside all day trying to cultivate some sunburn, we were joined by Liz who came across from Prestwick for the banter and Dave who rode down from Luss for the festivities. White wine in the afternoon sun is most agreeable but after 3 bottles, some more beer and whisky it meant that today (Monday) my co pilot took over the controls for the homeward journey whilst I sat in the chair contemplating whether I will ever learn my lesson. A fantastic weekend helped by the weather, next year we'll be back in Ireland to try to catch the rain.........
Fish and chips in Thornhill, braw

Busy enough

Ian Ross's sidecar, almost bigger than our house!

Bert fooled us by painting the big Vinnie grey for the weekend

Even I could read that speedo without glasses

Tilting sidecar, different

Norrie shouting the raffle

Fi in the sunlounger

Interesting Kawasaki from the late60's. said to be a copy of the A10 BSA but without the oil leaks, quite a rare beast, more so with a chair attached

No oil leaks

Obligatory Guzzi photo

Sunday afternoon Blues

Sunday afternoon Moniaive

Some beer following some wine

Liz and Laurenne being happy

More wine following the beer

A couple of the Irish Sidecar guys entertaining us, most excellent

Heading home, quiet roads

Blue skies, perfect......


  1. Almost makes me want to get a sidecar... Nice pix, and Ian Ross must have been on our Fife Fankle a couple of years back - looked like he's bolted a Bond Bug onto the side! The Kawasaki is a W1, derived from the Meguro, that was an A7 made under license from BSA. Kawasaki went for an oversquare design, increasing the bore instead of the stroke, and that was the first step in the decimation of our own industry....

  2. I was hoping to see a comment from you Jake to keep me right. Yes I was surprised to see the Kawa, no oil leaks as I said. You should get a chair, it's good fun