Thursday, 5 May 2016

Rai Uno Moto Guzzi Scozia

This year’s Scottish Moto Guzzi was welcome, for me it marks the end of the winter normally, the last few years the seasons seem to have slipped, now we seem to have a long period of shit weather followed by some less shit weather and then a glimmer of heat before it turns shit again. It had been a rough week in the run up to the rally with several bits of bad news so I was looking forward to a blow out, we started accidentally a day early but that’s another story involving trains to the wrong destination and unscheduled visits to a hotel!
The run up was cold, a bit wet but clearing towards Stirling, when we arrived we heard there had been a few call offs due to snow in many places, England seem to have got it worse so numbers were down, it was up to the remaining troops to help get through the beer! The evening started with one of the Scottish Branch members having what we thought was a heart attack, collapsing, having to be resuscitated via CPR (thank god someone knew what they were doing) and the local defibrillator being called into action. Very dramatic but I’m glad to say he’s doing ok and on the mend now. The Friday after we got over the drama was a bit subdued but a chance to have a chat and catch up, we also made a new friend, Guy from the Belgian Guzzi club.
Saturday I had to go up to Perth to pick up some newly machined engine parts from Derek Wilkie (Engine Resource) and visit my sister, an opportunity to get clean in comfort as well, a fine run up and back with only a hint of showers. Saturday night was excellent, copious alcohol, good music and dancing, the rain though got into the tent during the night and we woke up to wet gear which wasn’t good. Breakfast over we found out a camping hut had become available so we decanted into that. Sunday was spent talking nonsense, sobering up and coming 2nd last in the quiz (not enough bike questions!!!!) Another band on Sunday night and that was that, Guzzi rally over till next year, thanks to the organisers who put on an outstanding rally again, oh and it still doesn’t feel like summer!!!!!

My V11 in a rally field for the first time in a long time

Plenty sidecars

Russell's outfit

Another one!

Stelvio Pete's Stelvio, well used, not pampered

Old and the new, Derek's Cali alongside Martin's Spada


1200 Sport

Kate, from down South's Loop

And her husband Guy

1200 Laverda, getting rare

Before the melee

George's new hairstyle

Ali's sporting one as well

The band on Saturday, very good

Volunteers selling beer, take a bow

Mr Clink looking relaxed

It did get messy

Party Party

Guy, all the way from Belgium

Fiona, all the way from Edinburgh

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