Sunday, 8 May 2016

Our 3 hour Summer

Today the forecast was for some heat and sun but only after the rain cleared so we took advantage of the 3 hour summer weather today, a fine run up past Knockhill for a late lunch at Powmill. The weather brought out plenty motorcyclists, all shapes and sizes which was good to see. I met an old friend there out with his wife enjoying an ice cream in the sun. She instantly reminded me of an incident returning from the TT in the late 70's where I cleared the queue on the Steam Packet boat for teas and rolls by throwing up in the bin , this was of course after a last night party on the IOM (before I raced there) Now I have raced bikes, ridden halfway (or more) around the world and yet the only thing I'm remembered for is throwing up in a bin almost 40 years ago, sad eh?
We continued through Perthshire and parts of Fife before stopping at Port Edgar in the hope of a cup of tea, the café though was closed (why close on a sunny Sunday evening? It doesn't happen often , I'd have maximised the opportunity) Tealess we wandered around looking at the launch of a yacht and looked at the boats until the cold from the water reminded us its not proper Summer yet.
So the Guzzi is running much better but the critical part of me says there is still some fine tuning to do before its perfect.
Blue sky, almost summer riding gear, happy Gino

Guzzi looking good

Big boat loading up with Scottish oil

It could almost be the South of France (except for the architecture, the weather, the people......)

Interesting for us non boaty types to watch the launch of this yacht

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