Monday, 15 December 2014

Long overdue Applecross

This has been a busy year, after our time skiving over on other continents we spent this year catching up with everybody in Europe, the downside of that was we haven't visited Applecross enough this year. After seeing our host Judy on a TV programme we decided to make the effort before Christmas. We both took a half day and headed up last Friday on a very wintry, cold and bleak day, glad we weren't on the bikes to be honest. We got to the Bealach in the dark and with high winds whipping up the snow across the road on top, that said we managed without too much drama. Great to catch up with everyone up there and meet some new people as well, a great place to chill out and escape modern life and see a real community spirit, it is very heartening in these days to see so many people putting the effort in to make everybody's life better, not just themselves.
The usual whisky overdose was as always followed by the usual hangover, I'd been Applecrossed again! Some pictures to give you a flavour.....

Sheep at Tyndrum in the snow
The Bealach was a challenge on Friday
Pretty and not too much snow at the lower levels
Going out to put food on peoples tables, it doesn't get to the restaurants by magic you know
Stormy sea with a hint of sun over Raasay
Another shot on the Bealach
And another
Loch Carron, always worth a photo
The feral goats at Kintail, a real pain in the butt when your motorcycling through here, be aware!! 

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