Sunday, 21 December 2014

Down to earth with a bump!

Another good weekend with a family party Saturday night which i enjoyed immensely, so immensely in fact that I decided I'd let Fiona drive the van this morning as I was still feeling poorly after my immense enjoyment and whisky intake last night.
It started well and both Fi & myself were feeling more confident on the trials bikes, shortly into my confident inspired trials riding I made a mistake and god knows how i managed it but got thrown over the handlebars, I landed face first and my £8 helmet i purchased in Thailand broke the peak which then helped cut my face. I couldn't get up for a while as i was winded and I've also pranged my left wrist. Fiona comforted me by laughing and taking a photo whilst Lindsay offered encouragement like "get up ya fanny you'll be fine"
I wasn't and spent the rest of the day sitting around scaring anybody who looked my way! The run home reminded me of my racing days, being taken home broken in the front of the van getting a good slagging, the good news is the bikes fine!

ouch, that wiz sair!
Fiona showing me how its done
Lindsay showing what i should have been doing
I think Fi was shouting "can you turn roond, yer bleeding puss is pittin me aff"

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  1. Glad you are not too badly hurt. That helmet would not have got an ACU ticket at scruitineering, are you going to take it back?