Sunday, 28 December 2014

Hope you all had a great Christmas

I've spent the last week feeling sorry for myself and unable to drive due to last weekends stupidity. My wrist is slowly getting better and glad to say the face has healed up, as good as its ever going to be anyway but since we started with a benchmark its not difficult!
Quiet Christmas because of my injuries, catching up with family and friends and managing not to get too uproariously drunk!
Fi and Lindsay did the trial at Drumcarrow today, I went along to support, tell anyone that would listen about my wrist and take photos. The place was like a skating rink and I was struggling with the camera so not too many good shots, A great day out, thanks to Derek and Lindsay for Fi's coaching, looks like I'm getting left behind now at trials school, plenty catching up to do as soon as I'm fit!

The paddock, icy icy

Limbering up and talking nonsense

Right Fi, the clutch is on the left and ye dinnae need brakes

Just before the off, much intrepidation

Whoa there, one of the guys shows how its done

Lindsay with a dab, braw scenery

Lindsay gets it over

Derek trying to show us how to do it, aye right, maybe in a year or 3!

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