Sunday, 7 September 2014

Up North

So this weekend I was abandoned by Fiona as she had a weekend organised with the girls in Liverpool so I headed up North to a bike rally, its been a while since I attended a rally by myself, its murder having to put your own tent up and blow up your matress, now I realise how much work Fi does whilst I usually stand around chatting!
The run up the A82 through Glencoe started to get cold so I stopped at the bottom of the Glen to put the waterproofs on, Glencoe actually suits the dreich weather in my opinion, it gives it the element of gloom that it needs to remind us the black deeds done in the glen by the government troops and the Campbells against the MacDonalds in the name of the King. I stopped at Ballahullish for a cup of tea and some petrol and was glad of the warmth inside the petrol station, must be getting soft. The road was busy with tourists and of course the dreaded caravans, motorhomes and the lycra mafia  but I still managed to pass everything and get the odd bit of quiet road to myself. I took the Corran ferry over to Ardnamurchan for some empty and very narrow roads, bliss, I really enjoyed the wobble around the peninsula taking in the vista of Scotlands majesty (The view not Liz!)
At the rally it was great to meet up with so many good friends, nowadays the rallies I go to are really just like meeting all your pals in the one place, excellent and of course there is beer and whisky available to help the conversation along.
Some nice bikes around and a surprising number of old British bikes at the meeting as well. This morning I had to do the tent removal ritual by myself and after saying my goodbye's was on the road for half 10. A great run home with a stop at the Glenfinnan monument for a photo, erected to symbolise Bonnie Prince Charlie coming ashore to start the 1745 rebellion (or the quarter to 6 rebellion according to Geoff Mumford) In less than two weeks our country will decide whether to separate or stay within the UK, this time no bloodshed needed, good to see that in some ways society has moved on.

Time to get the waterproofs on
And then on the Corran ferry the sun comes out!
Nice spot to have a weekend
Plenty bikes
Bert's radical BMW, he offered to do the same to a Norton for me!
Nice Vincent & Ariel together
Davie Clark's nice Velo with Claire's Triumph in the Background
Big Norrie saying it for us all
More Ariel's with Tam Broon's mystical wing in the background
This outfit came from France, its powered by a 2 litre Peugeot engine which is in the rear of the sidecar, also two rear wheels both drive, funky! 
Note Lochaber council don't put the month in so these roadworks can go on forever!
The Glenfinnan monument built to mark the 45 rebellion, the last civil war in the UK (unless you count the miners strikes or the poll tax riots!)


  1. As the Cooncil were good enough to tell you the year, then your choices are limited to April and July, so it might be finished the end of this month, the end of the year, or at some random time in the future. I like the BMW bobber, the mental Peugeot outfit, and of course all the old bikes.

    1. I was laughing in my helmet with that sign. Aye some nice bikes, good people and a good band, Bert's built 2 of these BMW bobbers, he's got a Harley Bobber in the kitchen, nice ornament