Monday, 29 September 2014

A weekend in Southern Ireland

Not on the bike for a change this last weekend, we had to go to Wicklow just South of Dublin to look at a possible venue for the 2015 International Norton Rally. Alex came along to bolster the drinking team and we met Martin on the outskirts of Wicklow for lunch, joined quickly after by Kevin & Colm. We scouted out the rugby club and all looks good, now we have to negotiate a deal which I'm sure will happen. The local councillor was there and it looks like we may get the council's support in some form.
All were excited by the prospect of attracting visitors to the pretty little town of Wicklow, plenty to do and see in the area and nice roads to ride our bikes so we cant ask for much more, oh and the Guinness is pretty much spot on.
After business we all did what we do best, talk nonsense and drink beer, great company for the weekend and looking forward to pulling this off for next year.

Wiclow from the outskirts, pretty

The jail (or Gaol) from where thousands were shipped to Australia for even minor crimes like stealing bread because they were starving during the potato famine, The door on the to floor was for hanging prisoners, the rope attached to the beam above, a quick shove and that was it!

Couldn't get a word out of this guy

This guy got executed for being a freedom fighter, lots of that went on.....

The Leinster 200 road races ran through here, plenty Nortons on the list of winners!

Now you know

The team enjoying a well deserved beer!

Fellow Telecoms engineer, he fixed the first transatlantic cable when it broke, I fixed plenty faults but never got a statue erected for it!

Sailing back into Loch Ryan and home!

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