Sunday, 21 September 2014

A different weekend

A different weekend for a change, a boat trip on the Firth of Forth on Saturday leaving and returning from South Queensferry, stunning day out with a bit of a history lesson. We visited Inchcolm Island which was home to an Abbey over 900 years ago and amazingly most of it is still standing, a testament to the skills of the Scots back then. During the first and second world wars it was an army post with big guns to guard this important shipping lane and of course to guard the Forth bridge from the unwanted attention of the German U boats.
It was a poignant reminder of our failed bid for freedom just a few days ago to pass the oil tanker facility where Scotland's black gold gets exported all over the world, also on the Fife side the LPG facility where we export our gas all over the world also.  That aside we had a great day out with Fi's Mum and Dad enjoying very unseasonable warm weather in September.
Sunday we had a run out on the bikes, I took the Guzzi out for a blast and we went to see a Spartan event to meet up with one of Fiona's colleagues who was taking part, this is basically a crazy try to die of a heart attack event , everybody seemed to be enjoying it though even the most unlikely looking athletes. A trip down to see Craig and Pam at the Gifford tearoom rounded of a pretty damned good weekend!
Our taxi for the day, more steam MacPhail!

Seal having a look at the strange people, the city of Edinburgh in the background

Inchcolm Abbey, not bad condition for 900 years

Somebody has a sense of humour

Bird in flight

Former gun emplacements, the irony of the army being on a holy island wasn't lost on me

Very pretty

Everywhere you looked it was impressive

The scene from the top of the bell tower

Fi & Dan enjoying the day, sunshine on Leith in the background

Mr & Mrs R posing for a photo

Sailing back we got this view

More seals and all this a stones throw from Edinburgh

The famous Road and rail bridges

Our new 25 billion pound aircraft carrier the Queen Elizabeth being fitted at Rosyth Dockyard

Dramatic clouds

One last photo of the rail bridge at night

The paddock for the self abusers today

You get the picture, its all a bit mad

These guys had failed to climb the rope so they have to do 30 burpees, and thats fun?

Another wave ready for some self abuse

I took a guess these are IT guys?

Wonder woman was there

Normally you see monkeys doing this......

The best laugh of the day, not sure if this was sexual foreplay or if she was calfing

Kris jumps the fire to finish

I took this from inside the cafe, nice view

Main street Gifford, very pleasant

Craig trying to get his son started young!

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