Monday, 26 May 2014

Ireland, Rain, Guiness, whisky & good crack

Last Wednesday we set off for work on the two Nortons, always a bit stressful riding a Norton in rush hour traffic in Glasgow! The bikes (well Fiona's to start with) added to the stress, a misfire heading along the M8 had me worried so we swapped bikes and farted and banged into the office. I did a quick plug change and it seemed OK so Fi headed off to her office and I to mine.
We met up after work and headed over the very busy Kingston Bridge and on to the M77 heading for Stranraer, after about five minutes on the M77 Fiona shouted her bike had packed in, a roadside investigation showed that one of the coil wires had vibrated off, that fixed we were on our way again for about half a mile before my bike spluttered to a halt, I couldn't believe it! As I checked I could smell and see smoke coming from under the tank, transpired the throttle cable had been rubbing against  the wiring loom, rubbed through the insulation and was shorting out the wires causing a fire!
Roadside maintenance again and me thinking what did I do to deserve this today!
We made it to Stranraer without further mishap, dumped our gear and headed into town for food and a beer, my brother John joined us not long after and Alex joined us but didn't come to the pub (unusual!)
The following morning we caught the ferry to Belfast and met up with Michael McEneaney
our guide and host , Mickey served us tea and Pat put on a wonderful lunch before Mickey's pal Brian joined us and we headed south to Nenagh to stop at a great B&B, the Abbey View, well recommended if your in the area. A pretty heavy night at the pub followed and on the Friday had a great (but cold) ride down to Kilmakilogue to meet up with the team. Martin Connachy organises this event every year and we are always well looked after.
Great to catch up with all the friends we missed by being away last year, the weekend followed the usual pattern of drinking, talking, taking the piss and having a great time, there was even time for a fair bit of motorcycling! A special mention and an idea of the calibre of guys who come here was John Martin from Texas who couldn't make it this year ensured there was wine on the table for us both nights, nice one John!
Sunday we headed back up to Mickeys place, it rained most of the way and we had a small 20 minute breakdown on Fi's bike (she needs to sack her mechanic) but all in all not too bad a run back up the road. Back into Belfast today and back home, rain again of course but some sun as we got within striking distance of Edinburgh, 1000 miles and about 800 of them wet! Typical! Looking forward to next year already. I'll let the pictures tell the story;

Fixing the bike before work!
And after work
Tank back on and fire out!
After the problems we enjoyed the run
We are sailing, we are sailing , again........
Ready to disembark
The gang at Mickeys house
At the Abbeyview, Mickey got roped into folding the sheets by the landlady's Mum & Dad
Nice wee town
Nice wee pub, John looking chilled
On the road again, petrol stations are our church....
Alex looking at Ladies view rather than viewing the Ladies
Fiona with her back to Ladies view
Ba Ba Black sheep
Made it!
Martin Connachy with his very nice Vincent
Peter Allen our host in Denver last year came over , not sure if he came to see all of us or just his Vincent
Kevin Raftrey holding on the Triumph badge to stop it vibrating off
More fuel stops
Cake stops
View stops
And beer stops
Outside the famous MacCarthys bar in Castletownbere

Striking a pose.....
Striking a beer
Glad Kevin and Margaret persuaded us to do the Healey pass, great fun despite the rain  
Trick BSA by John O'Regan 
Heading home, stop in the rain
Our genial host and guide for the weekend, Michael>
Belfast Docks, Fi praying to the Norton Gods for some sunshine
Attempting to quickly remove 1000 miles worth of muck, it didn't work, we'll have to do it properly tomorrow night
Some of the Drinking team with some noteable exceptions outside the pub at Kilmac


  1. by the sounds of it you could dump the Nortons and get some Suzukies ride more and work less. :)


  2. Great post, thanks Gino... good to see the commandos stretching their legs. Ireland looks like I always imagined... wet! Cheers, Don

    1. Hi Don, yes its just like Scotland, green and wet but what a great place to ride a motorcycle (and drink beer but not at the same time.....)