Sunday, 11 May 2014

Beveridge Park

Beveridge Park in Kirkcaldy was one of my favourite race circuits back in the days when I used to burn copious amounts of cash trying to be a motorcycle racer, it was effectively a race around the park paths, slightly wider than a path but certainly not as wide as a road, unfortunately it became a victim of the elf & safety thing and the last race there was in 1988 which I'm glad to say I took part in.
The Kirkcaldy and district motorcycle club still stage road races but no longer on their home turf in "the Park", they staged a reunion come bike show today and Fiona and I took the Nortons up to have a look. It was a day of blethering (Talking) with old friends and looking at the bikes, a grand day out and we even managed to avoid the showers. Mose Hutchison (The commentator) must have been hard up for interviewees as I got knobbled soon after arriving for a few thoughts on "The Park" must admit it brought back some memories. I still like it when I hear people say "you guys raced around here!?" like we were mad (we were) Hopefully it'll become a more regular event in future.

Ready for the off with our new (Christmas) helmets!
Forfar John's trick Commando
Nice LC's
Yes we raced around here. this was the start finish straight
Nice BSA outfits
Good crowds despite the weather
Ex Tony Rutter TT winning Ducatis
Tribute to the Late Robert Dunlop
Nice and unusual Vincent racer in the Scottish Classic Racing Clubs lineup
AJS 7R , Come on Peter get yours cracked up!
I raced against stuff like this!
But not this, before my time even 
Dod Spence trying to drum up some cash for his forthcoming TT capaign, Dod is a true TT privateer and has been racing on the Isle of Man for as long as I've been stopped racing (a long time) Good luck George
The evergreen Alan Duffus's TZ750 just back from a successful trip to South Africa where he won his class
1931 Rudge racer, class


  1. Alan Throssell15 May 2014 at 06:01

    Hi Gino, Some great pics and the Norton's are looking good too. Will you be at the Begonia this year?
    Regards, Alan

  2. Hi Alan, good to hear from you, yes going to Bremen & Begonia & Dutch Rally. Off to Ireland next week for the Irish Norton do, catch up soon hopefully

  3. And a good time was had by all, a lot of great things that will never happen again, "A" the memory's.