Sunday, 13 April 2014

Speedway, MOT and Classic bike meeting, busy weekend

I was quite glad to finish work Friday and could have easily retired to the couch for the evening with a beer, however Mrs R had already suggested going to the Speedway at Armadale to watch the Edinburgh Monarchs. I'm ashamed to say this is the first time I've gone to the speedway and I really enjoyed the experience despite it being cold and wet. I can recommend it for a good Friday night out.
Saturday I had the Mk3 Commando in for an MOT which it passed and then had to service our BMW's so that they are ready for a wee road trip next weekend (Easter). A full day in the garage on Saturday saw everything up to date thankfully.
An over indulgence in Beer and wine meant we were later for the Scottish Classic Club's meeting at Yetts o Muchart today. Fi's first run this year on the Norton and a bit of a challenge with high winds (The bike not me) rain and mud and gravel on the roads. Once again great to catch up with everyone but due to our lateness we only managed snatched conversations with most. Had tea and soup (not in the same plate) with Ian (Drummer Extraordinaire)  and Lorraine whist talking nonsense. A very windy run home and glad to get over the Forth Bridge before they closed it to bikes due to the gusting winds.
Another weekend with maximum results, braw, roll on Easter.

Exciting stuff
Round the outside
Ready for the off
Service the BMW time, first since we done it in Kevin Stratton's garage in Minneapolis 
The Mk3 after passing its annual test
Busy busy
Fi getting back into starting the Norton
Nice restoration and a great way to get youngsters into classic bikes
Eric's BSA doon frae Smokey Toon
Nice Norton
Velo Venom, nice man moved his helmet so I could get a better shot
Simon Linfords Matchless's
Nice Nortons but Mikes showing the mud after a wee trip into the ditch after some over exuberance
Pre War Velo, very smart

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