Sunday, 6 April 2014

Huntygowks Meeting

Our annual Norton Club Huntygowks meeting today at Comrie was a wet affair, Fi and I had a great run up despite the heavy rain starting around Knockhill. Fi decided to take her Kawasaki since she hadn't been out on it since we left for Argentina 18 months ago and because she didn't want to get another Norton dirty.
A good turnout despite the weather and great to catch up with old pals we hadn't seen for a while, it was a day of tea, rolls and cakes and talking bikes and nonsense, a perfect day really. My bike was great on the run up but decided not to start after our day, Bill hung around to watch me change plugs, looks like a weak spark so a dodgy coil methinks, it got me home on a mixture of one, two and one and a half cylinders, not fun really on the soaking roads and horizontal rain. Looks like my waterproof gear isn't any more either and as I write this half an hour after getting back the sun's just come out, thank you!
Some maintenance to do then this week and more spares to be bought!

David chats to a Greeves owner in the rain
Fi glad to be back on her Kawasaki (except for the run home when she was missing the BMW's heated grips)
Forfar Johns well fettled Commando
Jake Beatson's nice Falcone
Philosophy at its best, maybe it is what it all about?
Sandy's ES2 leaves a rainbow for John Hymans Commando to admire
David paying Homage to George Martin's Triumph
John D arrived on a nice Stelvio, I want one!
Talking bikes, a great way to pass a Sunday (and talking comedy facial hair)
Nice Norton Commander all the way from Aberdeen
Wht does that do mister H?
Well, you pull that, sit on there , hang on and it goes!
Bill & Kat arrive.....wet!
Our Edinburgh branch visitors, Davie and George arrived on a 750 Atlas (front) and Davies nice patina condition Dommie
The Wormit contingent
Nice line up of Nortons
Davie and George wondering if the Hokey Cockey is what its all about
She never arrived on a bike!


  1. Aye Gino,
    Thank you for the organisation and blether. Thanks for the blether with everybody else. Pleased you made it back home, no better going our way back home either. Hosed the bikes down and at 16:00pm the 'currant' bun' came out and had more soup, crispy bacon chiabata and tea sitting in the sun! Just a scunner the front came through when it did, but the forecast was no bad. Into the Duke again already! ;¬)
    Good health to you both, Bill & Kat.

  2. Hi Baith

    Great tae hae yis back oan hame turf,dodgin' potholes agane must be hard.,
    Guid tae see sae mony Nortons at a Triumph T110 Rallye.
    So yir camera can take photies in the rain...No usually needed in Scotia.
    Get spannerin' oan yir mates ill Commandos...they've been waitin' fur yir healin' hauns.
    Fiona..nice tae hear the Fit Liker talkin tae the real GBC.(time fur ma medication).

    T110 fan