Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter, what a great weekend

We made the most of the Easter break leaving work on our bikes on Thursday night and heading up to the Ardnamurchan peninsula for the evening. By the time we got there it was still sunny but it was dropping fast and the cold started. Our stove was on the way out but luckily it lasted long enough to make dinner (there's nowhere near here to get stuff to eat!)
A fine evening watching the scenery do not very much, a cold night though and the morning dawn brought a hard frost which covered everything in a white blanket. Being stove less we couldn't make a cup of tea in the morning, tragedy, but the post office about 6 miles along the road has a superb tearoom so we took breakfast there before having a superb ride along the single track roads to Mallaig and another ferry over the sea to Skye.
The weather was incredible, still evidence of snow on the hills but real heat in the sun, we took the back road through Plockton and then over the Bealach to Applecross. A great night in the Applecross Inn, plenty alcohol and new friends made (hello Graham & Linda)
Saturday was a hangover day, a walk to the visitor centre to read about local history and then we met Bert & Laurenne who'd come down in the noddy car, a great lunch and blether at the walled garden followed by another overindulgent night at the Inn in great company.
We decided to head home on the Sunday but took our time, stopped plenty and enjoyed the ride in glorious weather all the way home although from Stirling to Edinburgh it was bloody freezing!
A fantastic weekend and when you get weather like this Scotland is unbeatable, a chippy tea in Comrie rounded off the main party.
Today was spent swapping bikes around, now got my Guzzi here so I can get it ready for the Rally in two weeks time, great thing this motorcycling lark!

Ballahulish for petrol, sun and snow on the hills
The Corran ferry to Ardnamurchan
Fi preparing the chicken
Note Hairy Bikers low fat option!! (Dlesn't work for me!)
Breaking camp
Excellent Tearoom
It doesn't get better
Waiting for the ferry
Mallaig Harbour
We share the same hairdresser, the local barber offers the "Mallaig Mullet" I think our is better
Ferry to Skye....speed bonnie boat and all that nonsense
Ahoy there
Applecross House
Skye in the Background
This stone cross is 1400 years old
The Famous Bealach Na Baa

Chippy at Comrie
Loch Carron for beakfast (Thanks Kate)


  1. Looks like you had great weather for the weekend. What are the roads like for other traffic?

  2. Apologies for the delay in Replying, the roads are OK just now, not too bad for traffic, that'll change when the summer holidays start. There's still plenty roads you can find that are empty though!

  3. Hi Gino. Just spent half an hour reading some of your blog, Had a look at your Long trip blog as well. Brilliant, Would be good to catch up again one day and have a MONC reunion. Love to ya both Big El ( Elma ) xxxx

  4. Hi Elma, great to hear from you, hope all is well? Yep a Monc reunion or Fair City bash would be good. Maybe someday!