Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A Bike moving day

Trying to re adjust to "normal" life is still a little difficult, I suppose the problem is when you come back from a big trip and return to your old life it is just that, your old life. Not a complaint though, it has been great meeting up with family and friends and i'm sure they're bored already with our stories. I've started working on the book of the trip but thats going slower than I anticipated because "stuff" gets in the way, also working on a presentation which I'm hoping to be ready early January, so if you fancy the two of us boring your bike club or bike shop (or anything really) we will be available from January on, my contact details are on the profile blurb.
Today assisted as always by Alex I relocated a couple of my Nortons for a while to make room for my AJS which probably deserves a better home. Also hoping to hear something about or BMW's shortly which are hopefully getting near the UK by now (or maybe they are still in a warm warehouse in Miami, wouldn't blame them!)
Norton's about to go into hiding for Christmas.....

AJS about to get used hopefully!

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