Tuesday, 4 December 2012

On the road

We left Buenos Aires on Saturday with Karl Marriano & his wife Natalia for the run to Azul and to visit La Posta, the haven for travllers set up by Pollo as he is known affectionatley, Pollo has a bunkhouse and lets travellers use his place for free, although its rude not to leave him a donation to ensure the facility stays and that Pollo doesn't go bankrupt with his kindness. The run was a bit boring, long straight roads and when I say straight I mean straight, so straight its hard to keep concentrating in the heat and every bend is signposted, even slight curves.One thing of note that happened as we were riding along was a guy (I think) had his bare arse pressed hard against the windscreen coming towards us, It kept us laughing for a while! . The welcome at La Posta was very warm and it was busy with guys just popping in, especially busy as there was a Classic bike meeting on the Sunday locally, result, only here 5 days and get to a classic bike meeting already.
The people here are incredibly nice and helpful, and patient as all the Spanish lessons we did before coming here are virtually no use (to me anyway) as they speak so fast I can never understand whats being said and my pronnounciation is so bad nobody understands me! Petrol or nafta as they call it here is about a pound a litre, not as cheap as I originally thought but the people here have had some pretty serious inflation recently so its even more difficult for them. I found out its been cold and snowing back home so I'll share these photos with the Europeans to see how meetings in December look here!
The one and oly "Pollo"

La Posta

Inside of La Posta with travellers names everywhere including a surprising amount of Japanese

Fionas adopted rabbits, they are all around the garden

Having pre dinner beer in the garden

Look at the weather!!

Imagine this in the wet!!! The front tyre was a very worn car tyre as well

Firing the starting Cannon, how cool is that!!

Yes its for real!!!

Las Chica's who helped with the organisation 

Fiona with Adriana who gave her a free T shirt, nice people
After a great couple of days camping at La Posta time to move on to Sierra de la Ventanna, another stright road for 100 miles then after a fuel stop we could see hills....yes!! and the road had bends then, the last 50 miles into the town was just like Scotland (apart from the 30 Deg C plus weather)
Sierra de la Ventana is a tourist town and very different to what we've seen so far, more European, we eventually decided to camp at El Paraiso campsite, nice site and an incredibly helpful guy running it. I'd reccomend it if you pass by this way, also De La Mancha in the main street, good food and nice people! We'll be here for a couple of days before the run down to Viedima, no point in heading to cooler climes just yet! 

Tea making in the field courtesy of the village Coffee shop (Thanks Gavin)


  1. great post Gino, some really cool photos.

    "they speak so fast I can never understand whats being said" HA! I remember being on a mexican bus a few years ago, headed to Ensenada, and trying to re-learn spanish by listening to other passengers conversations. No luck with that; its just amazing how fast and abundant the talk is.... btw its LAS chicas; thats one thing I learned quickly!

  2. Cheers Don I`ll fix it ha ha must admit really struggling with the Spanish, hopefully it`ll improve in 6 months

    1. It will - trust me! Just don´t stop trying to communicate.

  3. Looking good folks!

    Little tip: blogspot have a ´subscribe´function where people and input their email addresses and get copies of your posts mailed direct to inboxes. You can add the function to the right hand side.

    Wish I was there!

  4. Cheers Pat, I think my Spanish will improve beyond the odd grunt and mis pronnounced word ha ha.
    Cheers , think I've done that now with the E mail thing

  5. Hey Hey Gino. Just come across this by accident. I've been back in Scotland for over 4 years now and I've heard a few snippits of info about you from the usual sources. I'll be interested to follow your 'all roads lead to the moon tour'. Wishing you a great adventure. Stuart McLean.

  6. Hi Stuart great to hear from you, thanks, we're having a ball so far. The usual sources seem to have cut me off a bit since I moved to Edinburgh so I never knew you were back, we can catch up when I get back in a year!!