Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Fin del Mundo 2

Today we rode the last 20 Km's to the official end of the world, well the end of ruta 3 so the furthest you can go by motorcycle. Plenty interest from the other tourists and they didn't bat an eyelid when we brewed up a cup of tea, a cup of Village Coffee House blend tea from Gullane, Thanks Gavin, it was braw (and lasting well)
A nice day today with reasonable temperatures, the indiginous people from here the The Yaghan, also called Yagán, Yámana, Yamana, (could also be nicknamed Yamaha) were regarded as the  most southern people in the world. They used to stroll about naked. Remember winter here can be -28 degrees celcius. Maybe's not!
The highlight of the day was lying across the railway tracks in front of the steam train so Fiona could get a photo, the lengths I go to to keep you all amused! Also hello to Andrea, a fellow Guzzi owner from Italia I met in the park!
 The picture at the end of Ruta 3

Brewing up
Cheers Gavin


All the wild horses in the sun (Dylan song!)

Christmas penguin santa

Naked woman
Save me Save me!!

Phew, that was close


  1. Halo, gringos escoceses,
    Grand to see & read that you have made it, I couldn't get there as it was All Saints Day when I had time to travel and every thing closed for the holiday. Southern beech trees look really good and the Garratt locomotive is another bonus. Coal, oil or wood fired? I suspect oil, now. Thought you might have had a shot on the criollo's for a polo chukka! It's raining/sleeting here again.UGH!
    Good health, Bill.

  2. I never even knew what kind of trees they were, all green and brown to me Bill. show me a Norton part though. Still coal fired I think, pretty expensive ride so I just lay down on the tracks for a laugh. Chilling Bill, nothing exiting mate. G & Fi

  3. Hi Gino
    Hope that was a narrow gauge railway line or you've grown considerably since I collected the Breva :)
    Hope the trip is going well.
    Happy new year to you all
    Kindest regards Jamie

  4. Good luck further on up the road and a happy New Year!