Friday, 7 December 2012

HUBB Meeting El Condor, Viedima

An early start on Thursday in the pissing rain, tent away and through the nearby Sierras, a bit like Scotland with wet twisty roads and hills for a while then heading south on the 76 towards Bahia Blanca, another straight road and the sun came out. Fuel at gas station 711 (Km 711 on Ruta 3) and then through our fist food control as we passed into Patagonia, fresh fruit, dairy products and vegetables are not allowed in this vast area of Southern Argentina from elsewhere due to the threat of Contamination. A long boring straight road that is Ruta 3 stretched out in front, I saw a local with a puncture in the middle of nowhere and stopped to help, I had my pump with me and eventually took over the patching of the multi patched tube as he was making an arse of it. For our troubles we got caught in a huge thunderstorm , thanks God! On to Viedima and a much needed re fuel, because of the strong wids we only had 135 miles before the fuel lights came on, oops, need to go slower or get those addtional Jerrycans sooner than we thought.
Into the seaside town of El Condor to the bike meeting, all nice people and all with good advice to give. We'll stay here til Sunday or Monday before heading South. A visit this morning to the biggest burrowing parrot colony in the world, we seem to be becoming regular David Attenborough's already!

Pucture fixing, look at the straight road

Hubb meeting

At the office......

More parrots

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