Saturday, 27 October 2012

Final test, all good

Final run today to make sure the bikes are OK to ship now, all fine, tested the new heated jackets which are superb (even though it was cold today I had to turn mines off as it was scorching!
Made this short preparation video, hopefully as well as the blog we'll manage to do video reports as well. 2 weeks to bikes going.......


  1. Looks like all systems go. Very nice video report. Looking forward to reading and seeing the trip reports. A friend of mine wants to go climbing in Wyoming some day...Maybe I'll convince him to do it about the time of the Norton Rally. Good luck on all of it.

  2. Try to persuade him , we can share a beer there (or near Sacrameto) !

  3. My husband & his friends go travelling every year & have even gone on occasion myself, best way to see the world & yes Applecross is one of the most beautiful places in the North with The Applecross inn having the best food around. Good luck to you both from us all on The Black Isle.
    Don't ya just love being a biker!

  4. Hi Jayne, aye its my favorite place in Scotland, thanks for the good luck, hopefully catch up on the road sometime , somewhere.....