Saturday, 13 October 2012

Busy day in the garage

Still trying to get the G650's prep'd for the big trip, there seems to be loads to do and the clock is ticking. Done a few mods whilch I'll post on a video soon but just doing the basics seems to be taking forever. Luckily Alex came along this afternoon to restore my sanity, there are time when a fresh pair of eyes makes all the difference and today was that day!
Anyway nearing the end of the prep, the goal is to have the bikes both finished for next weekend, then its packing the panniers with 3 times more stuff than they can carry!! Meeting with the US embassy this week to hopefully get visa's for the US part of the trip. Injections for me are now finished, thank god! My arm at times felt like a pin cushion but hopefully its insurance against nasty diseases on the road.
Funnily enough when I was planning the trip and planning the finances I left the prep bit out, big mistake, inoculations and bike prep is a costly business, oh well too far down the road now!


  1. Looking forward to reading about your globe-trotting adventure on the blog. Are you riding through the west coast of the US ? I remember you end up in New York, was it? Have to go back and look at your route map again.

  2. That's right...'All roads lead to the Moon', and they do take you through the entire west coast it appears. Who knows? Maybe I can treat you to a beer or two...haha...good luck on the entire adventure.

    1. I've sent you a mail to see if our paths will cross!

    2. Mail received , and answered!