Monday, 19 March 2012


So a quiet weekend bike wise, a very pleasant run on Sunday past Knockhill, there is a farmer there who seems to be responsible for turning the road into a field, the amount of earth on the road is incredible, knowing this is the home of the most used racing circuit in Scotland its only a matter of time before somebody loses it in the gravel and muck. Why don't the police do something about it? I know farmers have to use the roads but this is quite frankly ridiculous. A nice run through Dunning Glen (pictured) and then after the obigatory mothers day visit back to Edinburgh. I saw 3 people yesterday using mobiles whilst driving, all women, one in a huge 4x4 on the Dunning Glen road where there is barely enough room for two cars to pass, a girl on the motorway then a bit further on another girl texting and paying no attention to the road in front. Problem is as motorcyclists we are the most vunerable group from this behaviour, I should have reported them but to be honest if you spent your time reporting bad driving to the Police there would be little time for anything else!!
A great weekend anyway, sunny but still cool, can't complain about the weather though!!

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