Sunday, 25 March 2012


Well what a weekend that turned out to be weather wise, Saturday was a bit colder (and I spent most of that fitting new Panniers to the G650) but today was like summer. We ended up having a great day out, good run on the bikes and managing to push the tyres to the edge on the dry roads, some time soaking up the sun at the beach (although still cool enough to keep most of the skin covered!) then what better way to finish a Sunday out but a good chippy down at South Queensferry, eaten looking at the harbour. British Summer time started officially today and for once the weather remembered! Bob & Kate have managed to get this week off and seem to be touring Scotland, I hope they have the sun cream with them! lucky buggers!
Bikes out in their droves today which goes to prove the old adage that the sun not only brings out the flies and midges but bikers too!

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