Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Budget Day

So today is the day when our "leaders" the polititians (most of whom are lying "sleekit" low lifes only interested in lining their own pockets and those of their friends) announce the annual budget or to put it in simple terms, tell us how they are going to rob us of more money whilst giving the pretence they give a shit!
The reason for my anger is that I heard the VED or Road Tax is going up by the rate of inflation, its funny how when most "benefits" go up its CPI (which is a lower figure) when taxes go up its by RPI (a higher figure)
It means yet another hike in taxes for motorcycles, most of which will now be taxed at a higher rate than most small cars!! How is that fair, how does that make sense? Of course it doesn't, and in the same budget they tell us that our roads are to be improved with "private" investment" which will mean tolls, how about spending some of the motorists tax money on the bloody roads instead?
I was involved in politics a few years ago and got out before I had to buy the dodgy suit or bottomless pockets, how can these people stand up and talk so much shite?
I know I for one will be doing my best to minimise the money these scumbags will be getting out of me, anyone out there any selling pre 73 motorcycles (free tax!!)


  1. Aye Gino,

    Enjoying the Blog, thanks for writing it.

    As for the last paragraph, the wee perk maybe taken away!*&%@$!

    Good health to you both, Bill.

  2. Hi Bill, thanks, glad somebody enjoys the nonsense, hopefully they don't take away the last perk we have!! NOC meeting at Tullybannocher Comrie 1st April, just a gathering from 12am, be good to see you & Kat there