Thursday, 16 February 2012

Fantastic day out

We declared a holiday yesterday, for no other reason than the forecast when we looked last week looked favourable and when work wears you down the best thing to do is get on your bike and let the inane nonsense of modern life dissapear in a puff of exhaust smoke!

We were rewarded with what I can only describe as the best riding conditions ever for mid February, the sun was shining and the roads were quiet. We went up through Glendevon, Glen Ogle to Killin for lunch at the Shutters cafe (Excellent) and returned via Loch Tay and over the single track Glen Quaich road. Usually it closed at this time of year with snow but yesterday because it doesn't get gritted it was the best part of the trip! The sma Glen looked wonderful in a slowly setting sun and we took the small roads through Fife back to the big city.

A fantastic day out made better by a call from my Insurance Company who managed to get my renewal down below the original quote (remember they added £50 on to my renewal quote last week) It felt like we'd won the lottery, so I put a lottery on last night and.....we didn't , oh well it was still a great day anyway!

I have to give the bikes a mention, the small BMW's were brilliant for the small roads and still no fuel light on after 170 miles which means we must have got over 75MPG, a bonus!

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  1. That mountain range looks remarkably like a view of the Sierras here in Calif. We've finally got a few good snow storms down to 2000 feet and it's finally looking like winter up there. My back country ski partners and I have been 'chompin' at the bit'. By the way, one of my mates got a kick out of your 'Kelly Kettle'. He's always building stoves out of beer cans and what not.