Sunday, 5 February 2012

Capper Rally

Well thats the first proper Rally of the year over, the 30th Capper Rally was a right good do. The run to the site isn't far for us but we still managed to get very damp and cold on the short run down, the wind picked up and the rain and sleet was persistent whilst we put up the tent. Because it was so cold and wet we put the tent up with all the bike gear still on (Including helmets) the result of that of course is you sweat and then the dampness inside meets the wet on the outside so you get a good soaking! Full marks to the Dutch contingent for coming over to basically camp in a wet field! Also a good turnout from south of the Border all reporting a good run up on the Friday despite the press saying the country was at a standstill due to extreme weather conditions. Sunday was bright also and actually when we returned to the tent the earlier rain had frozen solid and it was a nice cloudless sky which of course meant it was cold! Bob has a confession, his normally reliable Honda CBR1000 decided not to be so he arrived in a Honda, but a 4 wheel version, Kate though flew the flag by turning up on her bike anyway! A great weekend in good company, the cold isn't that bad really.....Honest!

A nice Dutch registered Guzzi outfit

The Frost on the tent! Nice !!

Bob trying to sneak away in his 4 wheel Honda!

Kate flying the flag AND still carrying the luggage despite Bob having the car!

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