Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Beware Robbers and chancers about!

I have my Bikes insured through what used to be a reputable Insurance Broker, they used to be Bike orientated and run by Carole Nash, My renewal has just come in and then they called and texted me to ask if I was happy and going to renew.
I told the guy that I would look around and let him know as I thought it was expensive. He then ran through my list of bikes and I adjusted the values of 3 of them slightly, taking £1500 off the value of my modern Guzzi and adding the same 1500 between a classic Guzzi and a Norton.
He done the calculations and came back with a quote that was £50 more expensive! How the feck does that work? I told him to put the values back to what they were and they said they couldn't do that!! So here we are in a situation when you get a renewal, question the cost make some sensible adjustments which DO NOT INCREASE the insured value overall and the B*star*s put it up by more than 10%
Be careful out there, robbers thieves and vagabonds used to be easy to identify, now they are on your TV, in the Houses of Parliment and Lords running our banks and also running Insurance companies!! Is it me? or has the UK gone totally mad?

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  1. In a word YES... and every week seems to get worse... glad I've got my bikes to escape it!