Friday, 27 January 2012

Philosphical Friday

I read this recently;

"Come forth, the sky is wide and it is a far cry to the worlds end....There is a road which leads to the Moon and the Great Waters...and it has no end; but it is a fine road a braw road - who will follow it"

It was by a Scots author John Buchan "The Rime of true Thomas" John Buchan was a Perth man so he had a good start to life, he also wrote "The 39 steps" and ended up the Governor General of Canada.
I'd suggest you read "The Rime (Rhyme) of true Thomas, its a short story with a powerful meaning, read it, understand then follow the road to the moon!

(Braw is old Scots word which means an enthused good)

Enjoy your Friday and the weekend!

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